Metals in jewelry


Metals play a critical role in the creation of contemporary jewelry by affecting appearance, durability and cost.
The metal types commonly used to make jewelry include gold, platinum, titanium, silver, stainless steel and others.

1.Gold Jewelry
The types of gold used in gold jewelry are:
-Gold Vermeil
-Gold Filled
-Gold Plated
-White Gold
-Rose Gold

Gold jewelry demand
India is the largest market for gold jewelry in the world, representing a staggering 552.0 tonnes of gold in 2012.The global gold demand reached 4,405 tonnes in 2012, Jewelry had the largest share, 1,908 tonnes, 43%.

2. Silver Jewelry
The types of silver used in silver jewelry:
-Fine Silver
-Sterling Silver
-Silver Plate
-Nickel Silver
The global silver demand in 2012 was 1,048.3 million ounces, and the jewelry share was 185.6 million ounces, 17.7%.

3. Platinum Jewelry
The global platinum demand in 2012 was 8,030 million ounces, and the jewelry share was 2,780 million ounces, 35%.

4. Stainless Steel Jewelry

5. Other metals used in jewelry :

I will continue the explanations for each metal.

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Metals in jewelry

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