Rose Gold

Rose Gold 

Is an alloy that combines gold with copper to create a golden metal with a reddish hue. Rose gold can be found with varying percentages of each. Based on the addition of copper, the intensity of rose gold will be lighter or darker and will patina over time.

Rose gold became fashionable around the turn of the 19ct century. It was particularly popular in Russia. Since then it has been used as alternative to yellow gold and white gold. Russian wedding rings are still popular and combine an elegant three interlocked rings of white, yellow and rose gold.

Rose gold has continued to be popular into the modern day.

Gold is yellow and the various colors seen such as red, white and green are simply alloys of gold. The final color is dependent on the ratios and type of alloys added.

Rose gold, also known as pink gold or red gold, is a mixture of pure yellow gold with a high percentage of copper.

The varying percentage of copper used determines the color of the gold. The more copper that is used, the stronger the rose color.

Examples of the common alloys gold-cooper-silver:

18K Red Gold,75% gold,25% Cooper

18K Rose Gold,75% gold,22.5% cooper,2.75% silver

18K Pink Gold,75% gold,20% Cooper,5% silver

Rose gold is available in 9K, 14K and in 18K gold.

Pure gold is always yellow, because it absorbs the violet and blue light and reflects yellow and red light. However, in its purest form, it is really too soft for use in practical applications, such as jewelry or gold coins, so it must be mixed with other metals for strength and durability.

Colored gold are colored alloys, which are added to the gold to make it stronger, for use in rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and coins.

Even the pure gold color is really a combination of gold and other metals, usually copper and silver.

Some pictures of rings that show the different types of gold-copper-silver alloys:

14 K Rose gold ring

18K Rose gold ring


14 K Red gold ring

14 K white,yellow and pink gold rings

I will continue the explanations for each metal. Next post More colored gold.

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Rose Gold

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